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ExMan 09-22-2016 10:37 AM

A walk in the woods - sex with dogs
So. Once I went to the woods. I had a favorite place where my friends and I often sat around the fire. In fact, this part of the forest deserted. There is very rarely wandered at least one person. The weather was great, relaxed stroll. The sun was shining, the yard was in July, 28 degrees and it was boring. I went to the woods and listen to the sound. Only occasionally can hear the sounds of birds. Quiet, weak, warm breeze swayed the tops of trees and nicely enveloped me. Entered the woods, passed the site of the fire, and went. 5 minutes later I wandered in a desolate place completely. I sat on a fallen tree. He threw on his back, so on the branches of the fire lit. Silence:only the crackling wood in the fire. The head started to come different thoughts: "how good here, no one can do anything, no one will notice:right now would be someone to his company:". To communicate with people. I have experienced in recent times, the service and the treason of his friend. I heard quiet steps, I looked around and saw through the woods to me was the dog.
In size it was about a shepherd and very cute Dog. Called him, came. I took the bag of sandwiches and offered it. What a suitable word!The sandwiches disappeared on the spot. We sat in silence, I looked at people and thought of something. Stroking the dog. She was lying next to me and looked at me. I thought, "this is what a loyal Dog. Not betray. If you like, for life. Sometimes there are beautiful!". Suddenly the thought came: "how the dog will behave if to caress her as a woman?". She moved closer her hand began to gently massage the vagina. Love it. After a while she nachila praise with my finger up his ass. Her lips wet. I got up came back and opened her legs. Left hand I opened the vagina a finger of the right hand began to drive on her sexual lips. The dog(her name is Rita) began to quietly moan. I gently introduced her finger inside and began to turn. Love it. I stood, hanging feet your ass and begin to gently sway back and forth. I was excited not a joke.
My 18 inch arms student body. I looked around, listened-no one. Unzipped his pants, got rid of his. Placed a newspaper under US, knelt down and pulled her Rita. Generally the vaginal floor is very beautiful. It bud looks at you and wishes you. I approached him with my dick gradually entered. She quietly whined. But not vice versa-the stronger sat on my cock. In the inside was great!Hot and moist. The vagina is completely encircled my penis. I began to fuck Rita first gently, so as not to damage it. But after some time we went together so that turned into a frantic Friday! I got inside and reached the end!I can no longer hold back and the last push penetrated as deeply as possible. So it wasn't ever, even if the girl with me is very good!My sperm flowing in the walls of the vagina. Wash all of them. When the outbreak was on the left. Cum immediately ran down paws Rita. She looked satisfied. We took a break and started again. I came in 4 times. I drove her to the point of exhaustion(as well as myself). Then we sat around. I'm naked, she's at my feet. He turned to her: "ritochka. You're Super. I beg you to have your mouth?". I knelt down and turned her face to his. Polovozrastnym held his cock all over her lips. Apparently she understood what I want to start licking. I have never experienced! The rough hot tongue hugged my head got the more secluded I don't hollow. His sperm filled her mouth. She licked my dick licked all the sperm occurs in my face:

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