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ExMan 09-10-2016 02:51 PM

Sex with dolphins - Bestiality Fantasies
One of my friends worked at was doing,he invited me to visit his work. His name is Igor. Igor worked as Senior trainer. I'm always busy I had no way for him to get there. Finally one day me and my boredom,watching TV at home,I suddenly his invitation and decided to pay him a visit. I'll be on the bus,arrived and went to the Dolphinarium. Of course,I always loved animals,but confess I didn't know what to do. Finally the bus stopped at a large building, painted in bright colors. I must tell you that my work is a wealth of non-standard weekends so today on Thursday in the Dolphin Aquarium was empty. Went through the service entrance on said dialnice for entrance in I Igor Ivanovich. My grandmother told me a long time. She told me the staff of animals in the laboratory guide. After a few minutes I realized why. In buildings built in the style of the return of the,despite the rich display of the wall it is very easy to get lost. Finally we parted ways,people briefly explained and went without him. All buildings entertainment always pretty empty outside of these days soon I feel a deep loneliness. I was finally in front of the main pool. After the dim hallway blinded me and I almost fell in the pool. Was finally, when promorgali,I had a huge bright rooms. Igor from iron and instructions to support. A full reply. This outfit was wearing a black tight synthetic suit with red stripes. Suit resembling a dive. I approached him and said Hello.
Oh,people! He exclaimed.
Alexander,my assistant Basil. Bar to meet my friend,Alexander.
-Sasha,I'm sorry,but I'll dobhany assistant,we could feed the dolphins by hand,they like it. Bucket of fish on the side.
I sit in a folding chair at the edge of the pool,the bucket and began to throw fish to the dolphins. They immediately started to swim after her if. Igor high young people. He has blond hair and eyes the color of the water pool. Can not help but be impressed, by what authority his disposition in their own small country. In fact,places the head of senior Director. His assistant was much younger. He dressed in the same clothes,and a senior Director. Finally Igor came to the description and approached me. "I am glad, please!"He said. "But why this masquerade,went to the locker room." He took my hand and literally dragged him to the locker room. Is the same for any other people. Then when I got dressed,Igor looked at me and"Oh,God,Yes!".
Listen,why are you wearing this suit? You as a leader,Your Majesty."He said.
-So we work with the dolphins,they are sprinkled with love and sometimes himself in the pool must go.
We have a swimming pool. Igor to talk about skills training of the Dolphin spent at the adjacent swimming pool. He showed me they eat and finally pushed into the pool,so I became aware of it's inhabitants. "Dolphins are amazing animals,they can run for hours and not tired. It is the people who work with dolphins, bottle-less",inspired by Igor. "I see that you are a miracle. I think,the pay is not very you,"I said. "Dolphins to work with,but the job is,"he retorted. "Also,we have the dolphins can get the other things",-said Igor and shouted,somewhere deep into the basin:"The or root the phone and told Vasily to this conclusion started with Ajax and. In one of the doors in the depth of the pool a young girl and nodded. In just a few minutes in the pool I noticed that the staff of the animal laboratory, who accompany me. "Now I want you to meet Alexander,Kornev,he works in animal laboratory and this engaged in some other issues,mainly that the dolphins feel good about themselves,"Igor said. Kornevo I shook his hand and explained that Igor is already we are in any way familiar. Kornev too high,bottom of the costume is hiding his muscles strong. He is a locker room temperature, and dive in again. General scuba,the mouthpiece instead he has some kind of mask in the code Drawstring. "Why is that?", -Asked Igor. "You,they say dolphins and humans only can have sex for pleasure," he replied. Swim in the pool, two gray dolphins(Ajax)and white (). Kornev my equipment and jumped in the pool. How do I Dolphin life rolled over on his back. In his belly around the tail head skin of wrinkles,and I see both their bodies at the end of their red,blunt is a member. Kornev between the rolled over on his back,the dolphins that swim. What I saw next recognize next shocked me. Dolphin swimming over a root and stopped when his mouth drew the level of the base of the tail of a Dolphin. Then I clearly saw how the Dolphin came to full erection,and their member-ship out over the entire length. He started to poke her short red penis in your mouth and Kornevo. Kornev said that in the mouth of a member of the Red began. The animals began to move,the tail causing the member to move. Dolphin fucked in his mouth!!! He for shook and then fell. It the turn of Ajax. He is also a swim Kornevo,dragging his penis of the body. Kornev animal in his mouth, starting it gently and released the penis from his mouth and started licking his tongue. Finally the Dolphin family and sail to the other end of the pool. Kornev and go off and scuba. Igor,seeing my face,laughed heartily. "Yes,we can't provide our wards natural sex, and in an instant,"he said. "By the way,you can try,and in fact they need a variety. Nothing complicated,you reported yourself often stick to people explicitly. Ajax enough, but our sexual huge. He has three times output is required, true. Now we start sulfur here,it is something we have stagnant,"and and looks at me suspiciously. The prospect was tempting, and agree. I have a strange scuba. I side fry and enjoy. He willingly came to me. I fed him that food,the finger penetrating the cut in his Satin skin and felt his warm member. In my touch the dolphins excited and his sex slipped out of the folds of the skin. He instinctively felt that my prayers and brought the chicken to my mouth. I can't decide,but for me the shook his tail a nudge of the head to put his chicken on his lips. I her lips,and Dolphin rhythm began to move. Wet cock entered my mouth. the butter and sliding in the vagina of the female. My tongue on the head, stroking the lips of the barrel. I have the language of the opening of the urethra, felt the taste of Dolphin urine. It is in the eyes of the joy we keep in mind your own business,Dolphin and man. Finally I feel his cock stiffen up and threw the Dolphin a jet of semen in my mouth. I have to take it slowly. God,it's hard to explain in a sense of satisfaction to convey the joy of animals. Short red member level slowly decreased and went away in the folds of the skin. Pool released Dolphin Dolphin Huang. I swim to her, unzipping his clothes. I'm a female of the Dolphin's back and his fingers found her sex gap. I with her penetrated tongue between her labia and feeling the sour taste of her natural lubricant,I lick the Clit of animals,why Serka started. Hair loss and the animal saw the delicate pink flesh of her vagina. I ran a tongue through her slit pushing,to deep inside the language. My own penis to her genital slit. He entered her without difficulty. I began to move rhythmically,feeling naked head of his penis the vagina of the animal. Dolphin penis is not very large,so I can't be uncomfortable and women. Serka nuzzled my chest and pulled me on the bottom. I feel affection for Serke,what caused the dolphins. I accepted the warm stones and so,together, we went deep into the sea,swimming along the pool floor,then rise again to the surface of the like,combined. Suddenly I feel my legs turn into a tail,arms shortened,his head spinning with the dolphins. We SERCOS swim in the warm sea together and kiss,gently grabbing this different language. I love her and I will return, and the Ajax and red,they float over US and...smiling us! Of course not only of subjective feeling. They are quiet whistling sound. Suddenly I feel like Sirki quality pulse my cock also. It's vulgar orgasm of any book or movie. It feels like at the point of contact with our Sarkoy skin resulting fireball of light and heat,and he absorbed,Ajax and red. I feel like growth and cover the country and the continent,and suddenly, I somehow sense this heard a moment of silence in the war on the ground significantly and the birds singing,and feel the sound,it would seem,quiet but powerful,and even the universe listened to him. This sound absorbing everything,otozvalsa of the mind in all living beings in the same sound. Listening to his words,want to sing and cry. And suddenly realized that it was the Lord of speech sounds gave birth to remember that. It is the sound of life!!!

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