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Default mall then a quickie! u think - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Domination/submission, First Time, Males / Female, Rape

mall then a quickie! u think - ZooSex Fiction, Anal Dog Sex, Bestiality, Domination/submission, First Time, Males / Female, Rape

this is a story of me maggy. the boy i met matt and my slave adam.
hi my name is maggy.and this is my story?
This whole evening started with me meeting a guy named Matt at the mall we walked around for a good 2 hours talking bout everything well we decide to go back to my place to have a lil fun.

i am wearing black pants black shirt and a black lace bra
no underwear cause i hate them
Matt is wearing black slacks and a red collared shirt with blue boxers.

he seemed like a decent guy nice polite wouldn't expect was bout to come from him.. he told me in a nice voice
"Take off your shirt and bra and lay on your belly so I can give you a nice back massage."

i didn't think anything bout it and i did as he told me .. i got up and laid on my belly. he rubbed my back nice and softly massaging it. i relax and close my eyes in a daze cause it feels good. he gently then pulls my arms over my head and rubs my arms. i thinking this is part of the massage. then i feel something cold around my wrist i try to yank back and cant. I look up to see he had handcuffed me to the bed.. shocked I asked "what he was thinking why he was doing this?"

he told me "shut up slut or i will make this your worse nightmare" i close my mouth and don't say a word. i feel him at my feet pulling and tugging at my pants i try to kick him away and it doesn't work i kick him one good time in his balls i hear him scream and yell at me "bitch stop your fighting" and he smacks me hard on my now bare ass. I let out a scream. and I hear him laughing at the pain he is causing me.
i feel him as he reaches under me and grabs a hold of my left breast he squeezes it very hard he makes me scream out in pain more. he says to me "bitch now you see how helpless you really are i am in control and there is nothing u can do to hurt me nor stop me don't struggle and this will be fun for you"
He smacks my ass again harder this time leaving a big hand mark on my nice ass. I yelp cause of the pain. he comes around to my face and just smiles and asked me "do you like this abuse to you do you like knowing a man is in complete control over you" i shake my head no. as he's staring me in my eyes smiling loving the pain he is causing me.
he rushes to the kitchen and brings back some ice cubes he takes them and slowly runs them up and down my spine i shiver cause its very cold on my bare back he loves it he gets very turned on. he takes the ice cube and runs it around my ass cheek the one he just smacked and then puts it in my ass crack just above my asshole i can feel the cold water run over it and down into my pussy.

he takes his right hand and smacks my freezing ass the sting is so strong i start to cry and he laughs even harder at me. he walks in font of my face. he says to me "you think this hurts just wait the fun has just begun." i shutter at that saying i start to cry harder asking him to stop and let me go telling him i will not tell anybody bout this just please let me go.. he shakes off what i said with a smirk on his face he goes behind me he grabs a dildo from a bag and rams it hard half way into my ass. i jerk away from him trying to dislodge it but he doesn't allow it to come out it hurts so bad my asshole never once having anything in it has a 4 inch thick dildo in it .. he turns the vibrator on full blast and then rams the rest of it .. now there's 8 inches of a vibrating dildo in my ass pounding on my ass muscles and my Anal Dog Sex cAnal Dog Sex.

i start to loose engery faster from crying so hard and shaken from the pain. the pain in my ass is maken me dizzy and even more weak.. he leaves the room. when he cums back IM half way passed out.. i can hear him laughing at me.. all i can think is IM letting some faggot do this to me and there isn't a thing i can do to stop it...

he goes to me and uncuffs me and lays down beside me and goes to sleep little does he know the fun has just begun.

i lay there for a min and i reach down and slowly pull out the dildo. i set it sitting up for i have more plans for it.. i look over at him dead asleep.. i can tell he's a heavy sleeper cause he's snoring very loud.. i go take the handcuffs and handcuff his wrist. then i go into the living room to call one of my friends who happened to be gay i told him what happened and i told him i wanted pay back to come over quick and he can have this faggot (Matt) fuck his ass like no tomorrow well my friend Adam loved the thought of this...he didn't really care for what happened to me. cause i was Adams mistress and he thought i was getting what i deserved.
i went back into the room to check on my sleeping little slave. little did he know i was a mistress. some called me a cold hearted one.. for others pain made me excited. like he got excited from me. i notice he has a hard on.. i don't like for my slaves to be hard before i play. i took him and i fliped him over to where his cock was standing straight up jamming into him i looked around to his face he's still asleep i smile as i grab the dildo noticing shit on the tip i take it and rub the shit under his nose and on his lips. he smells the shit under his nose and wakes up. he turns over so he's on his back and looking at me. he starts screaming and kicking trying to get free . he screams at me "what the fuck do you think your doing IM gonna kill you when i get free" i reply "HA! do u think IM gonna let you go after what you did to me? nope not gonna happen"

i look at his cock still hard he must have had a nice wet dream.. i use the palm of my hand to smack it i smacked it down so its going inside him. he screams out in bloody murder i laugh at his pain getting turned on by what i have done so far. i turn around so he's staring at my naked backside i grab a non lubricated condom and put it on the dildo so its all dry. i flip him over hard on his belly shooting another rush of pain into his cock. i get up and place my knees on the back of his knees. i grab some lubricant and put it on my pinkie i run my pinkie in circles over his ass hole giving him the idea of me just using my pinkie a small little pinkie.

he screams out "no please don't stick nothing in there IM begging you i never had anything in it please don't nooo ill do anything just let me go i wont hurt you" i laugh at him screaming at him "oh no sissy boy wants go,but it was OK when u was doing it to me but when the tables turn its not OK you want to cry and kick like a little kid not gonna happen. now shut up or it will hurt worse" he tenses up his asshole as he feels my pinkie i smack his ass hard leaving a mark. he doesn't know that IM actually getting very horny with this IM so wet its dripping. i take the dildo with the condom on and without any mercy i ram it into his hole forcing the muscles apart. i hear him screaming louder now crying .. i turn the dildo on full blast so its hurting him more i take it and yank it all the way out then ram it inside him again cause him more pain. i stop with that knowing in a little more it will be come pleasurable..

I get up off of him not caring if he turns over as i go get the big bull dog .. he says "Oh no, what're you doing with the dog?" i tell him "shut up now! before u piss me off!" he begins to beg for me to let him go and not let the dog fuck him..

i get the dog horny so its ready to fuck like a rabbit not caring if its a human or another dog i take out some clamps and i hook them up to the bed and clamp his legs to where his ass is in the air and i get the dog on the bed giving him a last stroke to make sure he's ready i take out the dildo as i get the dog to mount him i guide its cock into his ass
he's fucking him hard his head keeps banging the bed post the dogs knot keeps squeezing in and out your ass till it gets big enough and gets stuck in his asshole the dog fucks him hard intill it cums all in his Anal Dog Sex

"oh no..........I just got raped by your dog. You heartless bitch" he said.
i walk around to his face and hold his head up and asked " how did you like the doggy sex ?"
"I hated it, I'm definitely gonna fucking kill you when I get out of this" he screamed at me. but I don't let it bother me. Not when I have more plans up my sleeve.
i smiled at him and kissed his lips softly as the dog gets off of him i walk around and look at his ass there's a hole in it with cum oozing out of it i smack it really hard and grab his Dick and pull it back towards his ass and i take a piece of rope and tie it to the head and wrap it around his waist holding his cock towards his ass i walk back around to his face and smile at him he gets scared asking "what you gonna do to me please stop?:

i smack his face and say "dumbass i thought i told you to shut up
now comes punishment "
"I didn't mean to talk, I promise, please let me go" he said.
" hmm your talking still
u want another go with the dog"
he's to scared to answer me, he just shake his head. i say to him" that just says your not gonna answer me so ill take it as a yes ." i call in the bigger dog a boxer i rub its cock sack intill it gets horny. he smells the dog cum on his ass and mounts him having no problem finding his asshole. he fucks him so hard he makes him bang his nose in the pole and breaks it he has blood all over his face. he's crying like a sissy.the dog unmounts him and jumps off i go around him smiling at what the dog has done.. i grab a bigger dildo and tie it in his hole before it closes.

I go behind him I untie his cock but I hold it behind him I take out something that looks like a needle and I ram it into his pee hole "OWWW" he screams.. Crying for mercy. I flip him over on his back with the dildo still in his ass. I leave the pee hole dildo in.

i go in the living room and grab the faggot that i had already called over there i take Adam to matt and i tell him "sit on his cock i want it deep in your ass and i want you to fuck him like no other." he says "yes ma'am"

Adam straddles Matt in a way that Matt is loooking into Adam's eyes .Adam lets Matt's cock inch in his ass slowly. and he begins to ride it. he sees him crying out in pain from what i cause he looks up to me and says "ma'am you have did a good job. but if you may let me finish with him alone. he looks broken and weak now i think i can handle him and i surely would love it" i agree i am dead tired. i go get in the shower. UN aware of what was to come......

continues later if you like.

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