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Default Sex story: Brother sister and friend...

Start with the fact that I am an extremely Horny young man and probably my sister with no luck (Although when it was finished I wouldn't say that) I am 23 years old. She is younger than me by 7 years, therefore she is 16. It looks like an ordinary schoolgirl. Perhaps this affected me or maybe I was excited by her hard nipples sometimes emerges through a t-shirt or thin white panties through which could be seen multiple curly curls.Sometimes when she was doing homework she sat on the couch in a skirt or robe put a book on my knees and began to read gradually, she forgot that she was in a skirt (and perhaps especially) her legs slightly parted and my eyes opened elastic girlish deft tight covered by thin white panties. In the middle of the panties lightly etched between her plump virgin sex lips and around that white stripes adorned with a light halo of dark curly hair. Ever since I first saw this fascinating picture left me sexual peace of mind.I was consumed with the desire to "uncork" their virgin sister.

First she had to sexually liberate (I have terribly shy.) I just assumed that to get her naked will be a problem is not easy, not to mention to fuck her.

I decided to "accidentally" go into the bath or the toilet so she was naked...

... She came home from school and as she quickly undid the clasps on my shoes I realized she wants to use the toilet... I took "place under the sun" and stayed there for at least 10 minutes, bringing it to "condition". Before leaving I took the watch off and put them beside the toilet as if I forgot them. Then I came out.. a minute later I heard her quick footsteps as she dropped in the toilet (of course the lock was broken). I was standing at the door.Another second (maybe she turned to the toilet door face) another second I heard her undo the buttons on the jeans ... it's time... I opened the door at the same time uttering the phrase "Helen I forgot the toilet watch" ...... She was standing with lowered jeans inside which shone her panties. I saw how her body got a pink tint.

- are you stupid?!! Shut the door!!!

I started to bend over for hours..

She tried to jerk to pull the clothes but firstly it is not until the end of unbuttoned jeans and they apparently did not succumb to such high-speed dressing and the second with one hand she grabbed not for jeans and panties. In conjunction with her attempt to cover her charms I was reaching for hours making his nose the way from her face to pussy which she was not able to cover the tangled panties; at the lowest point I paused for a split second. Breathing in the scent of her maiden pussy, I stood up (almost touching his nose to her curly pubis) and quickly left the toilet.After that we had a serious psychological barrier .... Still, your own brother almost buried her nose in your pussy. I had to get her out of this psychological discomfort. It was easy to do I did so she came into my room just when I jerked off in front of a monitor which was adorned with a very Frank pornokartinki... We were even.... After that, our relationship with the sister were more relaxed in intimate terms (in the absence of parents). She often began to pace in front of me in my underwear.I sometimes "brothers" Pat her on the ass, she screamed and bounced to the side like a wild goat.

Well, we reached the most interesting – my parents ran off for a week in Bulgaria. Sister vacation, though I work but nothing in the evening then I'm free...

The plan is simple. I have a week of time and a virgin sister... then everything is clear.

The evening was a great success the rain as ordered (my sister is horribly afraid of thunderstorms).

We had dinner and went to bed. I was watching TV As expected after some time the nurse came in and said she too will watch television until the end of rain. She was in pajamas... damn.

Lenka lie to me now would be an interesting film.

Oddly enough she agreed.

The VCR had a tape with a hard Gangbang at first I thought it was too but then I remembered how my friend tore his 17 year old niece and decided to let it enters into the taste.

I programmed the VCR for inclusion in 20 mine. 15 minutes, we watched some crazy TV series after 18 minutes, I "went to the toilet"

I heard involved a video where a chick fucking three guys ... after 10 seconds, the VCR, she turned off ??? Then turned on again only sound turn the music down.

I could see in the door hole the look on her face that was the one (slightly open mouth eyes like two saucers). She first saw porn and was confused at the same time fascinated and interested in my opinion, it flowed...

I walked into the kitchen and dialed his sidekick.

– Serega all ready to go after 30 minutes.

– You have ...

– Not yet but I think you may be late. Come the door will be open.

I would love and he "opened" his sister but I felt indebted to Sergey.

3 months ago it came to his niece. Serge filmed with a hidden camera as she masturbated in the bathroom and a couple of harmless, slightly erotic scenes and showed her promising to send them to school with her classmates if she will be obedient girl. She was very obedient. Even Seregin marble dog was satisfied.

10 minutes I sat in the kitchen and then headed into the room. She was lying and like nothing had happened watched this idiotic show. But in her slightly trembling voice, it was noticeable that a minute ago she looked completely different.

We again started to watch the series (I am already a member stood like a statue 50 minutes).

– Look Len you look hot so hot.

– Yes, I probably will remove the only pajamas I have to wear panties you turn out the light.

– !!!! YEAH, konieczno..

She slid under the covers, but in the light of the TV I had to consider that she was wearing white lace Thong panties !!!!

My cock was standing stake, and since the space under the covers was not enough, I touched her with my wet lubricant cowards. She pretended not to notice.

I accidentally touched the back of her hand to her Lacy underwear. She shuddered slightly. Even the portion of the panty which was not immersed between the buttocks was wet and sticky.

– Today I was so tired on the street.... All feet hurt..

– (!!!) Want a relaxing massage.

– ?? I do not know.(she said this phrase when I pulled off her blanket and turned her on her stomach.

– Open your legs I will them easier to massage.

She reluctantly spread her legs. Everything was wet. Panties could just squeeze.

– You need to remove the panties they interfere with...

NO, she cried as if I asked her to kill someone.

– Okay. As you want to. I took the panties and pulled them up so that their major part was almost above the waist. Her legs were apart and I sat between them and watched the narrow strip of string immersed in mokrusha labia and pussy remained covered. The mouth of the Lena heard the silenced pillow – MMM. I must have pressed on clitoris g-string. Her back was covered with goosebumps. I stuck my finger under the Thong and pulled their panties back ... with a thud sound popped out of her pussy hand instinctively squeezed pillow goosebumps covered my whole body. Her legs were shaking.I slightly pulled her panties and let them go ... the sound of wet panties slanovich virgin wet pussy almost made me cum..

I began to massage her shapely legs, and began with a calf and slowly worked his way higher and higher. I felt her slightly treset. She lay with her face buried in a pillow with arms spread wide in sides of the legs I was sitting between her legs. Her g-string after my manipulation of them strayed to the side almost exposing virgin pussy. So long since I've seen such a heat...

I sat on her foot. She felt my balls on her leg and started up another batch of juice as the panties bunched to the side I saw grease widelyused from her vagina and leaking on one of the labia and then another and another ...

It's time to move it I decided.

She was so wet that the bed sheet was formed a pretty big spot of her secretions. I gradually got to her ass squeezing her buttocks I squeezed out as from a tube and more new juice almost all of her ass was lubricated.

My Lenka already did not realize what she's doing in the open was moaning softly as I finished the massage of her sugar ass and began to raskazivat. I gently pulled her panties aside and introduced the tip of his finger in her vagina at the same time the second hand I started lifted her belly. She stood in a pose the petals of her vagina opened. I made a couple of translational motions inside her cunt and felt the walls of her vagina begin to flutter. I slightly lowered her panties and... still here in front of me, cancer was my own sister ready g wild Orgy.I heard the door open. Yeah Serge is here. I clung to the expiring juice pussy my sister to I heard that we have guests. Lenka surprise abruptly moved forward, but then realizing bulged out with even greater force in the opposite direction. I licked her juices which were already flowing like a stream. It wagged back and was moaning softly. I felt that she was on the verge of orgasm. I licked it trying not to touch the clitoris but she stubbornly slipped it to me under the tongue. I was already not holding back, I felt a wad of sperm started to roll on to my dick.Damn if not I would Serge planted his sister in the head without hesitation.

I didn't know what to do ..... And then I was hit in the head with something heavy ...

Lenka turned around and saw her brother lying on the floor. And over him stood a big man with a rubber truncheon in his hand.

– Guys I have wet neutragena whore.

In walked two more men. All Troy looked between my legs Lenka. Panties strayed to the side and could see HER SHAVED PUSSY.

– So young and there pussy shaving – blooded slut. Now spread your legs...

She hysterically screamed and rushed to the other side of the bed.

– How turn on the music center up.

Two of the men grabbed Lena's hands. A third backhand punched her in the face. She immediately stopped the blood flowed from his nose and broken lips. She narrowed her eyes, two hands began to fumble in her body, one immediately got into the panties wet from the lubrication, the second examined the sphincter of her anal... unbutton the sound of a zipper made her tremble and open my eyes.

Yeah guys this kid its cool roztocil. She's like a faucet dripping from the Clit.

Still a few screams and a couple of strokes and she smacking his lips sucked one of the men. Members they had as a selection. The small handle she's only half fit in her mouth. She first took in his mouth a man's penis and felt like against their will begins to be excited. .. But then she felt a hot salty jet of sperm hit her throat. She choked, but her head was firmly held. On her throat you can determine how many times vyprysnula cum out of my dick. After 5 th throat her head was released and she went into a coughing spray sperm in different Sauron.Let's her tie done with attendants and then with her...

I guess it took about 20 minutes before I woke up from the loud sounds of music ... Through the roar of the music center, I heard wild cries of her sister. In the room there were three healthy men, two held my sister, and the third skillfully twisted and tied her in an erotic pretzel. All this was happening on the bed. Her eyes were tied. Mouth and nose flowed mixed saliva blood and semen. They put her on all four legs secured to a stick so that it are unable to reduce them. Hands tied to ankles. Panty was still on it, they become transparent from grease ...

Not ryabyat she has such a juicy ass .... Until you gut the apartment and I will gut her ass. Hearing this she mumbled through her mouth sticking out my mom's panties. The man ran his hand over her pussy from the top down at the same time she flinched he started rubbing her Clit..

– -Uuuuuuuuuuu

– Come on baby girl come on.


He fingered her Clit through her panties ... He introduced his finger into her vagina..

Guys she a VIRGIN here-so present.

– UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU tried to hum Lenka.

– Yes, you take out the panties from her mouth let the screaming. Still she is not shouting.

He pulled the panties ... And then she frantically grabbed his teeth at his finger and was immediately sent to a knock-out punch to the jaw. She went limp and fell on my side.

– Oh, you bitch. Tale she bit me.

– If you wanted to fuck in the ass you would still not bite laughed his sidekick.

He brought a glass of cold water and splashed her face. Lenka opened her eyes and immediately shouted in all throat music center pereorat are unable. Ori ori I like when they shout. Now you'll get. He was standing without pants with protruding member near the bed and unfolded Lenka comfortable. And that's a meter away from me on the edge of the bed cancer is the sister with the moved apart feet. Her sphincter clenched shut. Around the sphincter was splashed wet from the grease gun.

– And this is what would get you yelled..

He took the edge of the sheets and wiped dry with her sphincter. Then methodically brought the head and began to shove the cock in her ass..

– Aaaaaa, mammoccio.... yelled Lena.

Head plunged into the anus and he waited a bit And push the creaking drove dick for the most eggs.

– Aaaaaaaaaaa.... ooooooo.....

Five minutes he methodically pecked her anus.

Linkini cries were mixed with moans and yelps.

He pulled out brownish from Cala member came from the other side and stuck under his breath to Helen.

She turned her head away.

Oh we have it squeamish ... Well, it's treated just...

He left the room and came back in a minute with Seregin Dog.

– Who do you think you will uncork and play the virgin?

– Oh mommy not that Guys have anything I can suck lick I'll entertain it...

He gagged her.

Dog stood on the threshold and led by the nose from side to side. Seen smelled females..

They launched Lenka on his back. One of them pulled out a knife spread skativshiesya panties and carefully cut them along the bared pussy.

Meanwhile, the dog already went to work he came up to Helen and began to lick her pussy. She started moaning and her body was covered with goosebumps. Meanwhile, a member of the Dane had grown to 20 cm. Red prick swayed from side to side it started dripping grease.

– Let It it will suck.

Dog perched on the bed so his cock was right in front of her mouth.

One of the thugs pulled out a gun and pulled the gag.

– Suck bitch..

Lenk had no choice but to take the dick in the mouth.

After she clung to a member of a dog he clearly began to increase in size.

– If you release a breath you're dead ..

You'll see the bulb dog – like two healthy eggs.

Meanwhile, the whimpering dog began to cum in Helen's mouth. She could not cope with the flow of sperm and cum flowed like water across her swollen cheeks. Throat convulsively swallow cum.

Okay genius can produce.

She released the member from his mouth and he began to pour its fountains dog sperm. While they dragged the dog that splashed it all. Her face was all covered with sticky blobs of sperm.

As soon as the dog pulled to the side turned it on its side and began to handle on both sides.

– If you're very nice we pussy your dog will not otdadim.

Lenka encouraged by these words, began to try in the first category.

They unleashed it ....

One was pounding her Krasnyy anal and the second was enjoying the Blowjob.

My Lenka has launched a hand in his marrusia panties and furiously fingered Clit to over and over again.

Then they changed places. Lena smacking his lips licked the feces from the member meanwhile, the second tried to enter it. It's not really turned out the dick was big and a little opal after a blow job. She finished to lick feces and swallowed the cock.

– Well the nipple.. MMMM..

She felt the back nothing happens. He took the cock and pulled it. She began to take turns licking the head and podrachivat them. Meanwhile, behind fell in the third. Anal was already in the lubricant and the cock slid smoothly. He came in her and pulled out a member to attach to the queue for a Blowjob. Of open anal oozing cum.

She sucked all three members take turns bringing them to combat readiness. After a couple of minutes she looked healthy three crimson heads. Single handle she fingered the clitoris and gently held second for the testicles of another stallion. Dog stood on the sidelines but then he jumped on the bed and his rough tongue began to lick Lankina crotch.


She took the panties and pulled them down nakazanie panties broke down and burst open in front of the dog dripping cunt...

FROM this action one of the men began to cum she grabbed his balls and nasties on his cock frantically Zlateva sperm. The last two portions of it obrezala her Tits and began to smear the sperm around nipples of the other two members..

And the dog wasted no time licking her pussy bringing my sister to madness.

– -Oooooo Whoa momma I.... uuu aaaaaaaaa...

She bent even wider and planted his feet to the tongue of the dog got deeper in her pussy. Dog these lisalmi pretty tired and he skacel on razgoryachennuyu female clasping a stranglehold Lenka's waist. He began to make convulsive movements Pythias to get her cunt..

– Oh boys, it is me now... Well, you promised..

She tried to escape but the dog began to growl his plan was to empty his full of cum balls.

– He will not let go.

– Let him you in the ass fuck, and soothe...

One of the men in neatly sent a member of the great Dane in razdrajennouu Lenkina ass.

– -Mmmmmm

The dog felt that his cock plunged into something warm and began with a vengeance to RAM Lenkin Anal..

His every push she screamed.

And push And push And push

Abundantly highlighted grease oozing from Lankenau ass flowing down to her cunt.

But then the dog got too high amplitude and member since chakushin sound popped out of her ass ...

Exhausted she dropped her head on the bed.

One of the men walked up to the copulating couple and with a smile sent a twenty-five centimeter the dog bone in the right direction.

She started but it was too late. Smasana feces head of dog cock already plunged between her labia. They momentarily froze. It was evident that her crotch was all shrunk and even shaking from the strain. Dog made two weak push holowka disappeared into her cunt...

– -Ahhh guys help. Lenka Squealed.

She tried to squeeze the vagina but the grease was so much that a member of the great Dane didn't feel any resistance.

– -Ssuka ay get off of him....

She felt as a member of the dog began to stretch in the pleura..

Member dog has not passed on. Node Bob about pussy but it was too narrow to accept it.

One of those bastards took Lenka's hips and began to force to pull it to the dog cock ... bulb disappeared into her pussy ....

– -Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bastards mmmmm.

Dog for a whole month dreaming about a bitch was working the piston like a jackhammer his cock mercilessly hollowed womb. A puddle of sperm under Lenka stained with blood... in a few minutes Linkini squeals subsided and she rolling his eyes dripping from his mouth saliva began podmahivat dog.

– m mmm AAA a a a a

Entire groin dog had soiled lankenau lubricated with his sperm and her blood.

She came again and fainted. She fell on the bed, sliding off of the dog cock... the Dog stood over her making the last movements and spraying her asshole the remnants of sperm...

Yes, I get tired girl. What do you want obligatorily the show... yeah the others snickered. Get her in the tub. Rinse with this dog stuff..

While she was washing up in the bathroom, one of them pulled out a syringe and two integrated ballpoint..

She's gonna come off!

After ten minutes entered the room already dressed Lenka.

– Already dressed. Let the men hold her. At the sight of the syringe Lenka started a new topic and beginning to squirm like a snake..

– Hold the pussy will be fine. The needle was in ...

A few minutes later she Stihl. Lenka was sitting on the bed with glazed eyes and opened mouth. First time touches that need..
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