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Default My favorite dog Jimmy

It all started that day when I was presented with a birthday of an adorable puppy Dog Marble. I have great slap of his feet on the ground and kept trying to lick on my cheek. I was just glad such a gift. With great pleasure walked with him in the park, feeding the best foods don't pester him with all kinds of training and otherwise pamper your pets. It seems that this circumstance has led to the events that occurred before a couple of years later.
Dzhimik great grew up and turned into a large Dog powerful torso and strong legs. Now it was hard to tell who was walking, because he already weighed more than me and slender girl to leave behind a huge Dog, very comical sight. But I still love him very much and almost never swear, even if he wanted to was walk.
I've lived alone almost all the time, with work. For this it is not surprising that his personal life did not have. But sometimes the body simply student interaction. In such moments I won't be alone in the bathroom and enjoy yourselves with spirit and other improvised means. But it wasn't! He wanted real sex with a Live hot cock from the inside. In one of those moments I noticed on Dzhimika protection vylizyvanie his farm after the walk. I was astonished to find that his son turned into a male with elegant dignity between the legs. In a fit of curiosity, I sat down to speak gently touched his cock. He Winced, listening to new sensations, then fell to his side, lifting the back leg, as if inviting me to continue the site. And I'm ready. I say a modified massage of the testicles, tickling his belly and missed the moment the member has emerged. Oooo! Dick was! Hard prison 20 cm in length and with a pointed tip. My fingers barely closed around it.
Member wonderful! I was surprised to feel the warmth in her belly and panties wet in the unexpected moisture. His head was spinning and I almost didn't realize what they were doing, and began to jerk off this knowledge in their hands. Has not passed also minutes as Dzhimika Friday event. Powerful streams of semen filling my arms, a skirt and even hit in the face. Happily the floor moaning. After all, it was the first orgasm in his life. It was something indescribable. The feet padded got to the bathroom, pulled my dog's semen stained clothing, a little to the clitoris, I witnessed I was struck by the strong orgasm! My body is a few minutes shook with convulsions. It was something indescribable! This bright and strong orgasm for the first time.
Just a couple of hours later I crawled from the bathroom, collapsed in bed and fell asleep immediately. I woke up early to Dzhimik vigorously licking my hand. Massage his ears, jumped up and went to cook breakfast. Half an hour later you are out of work.
In the evening you are in for a surprise. Arrived, the dog began to sniff around, don't give any thing really to do is to vigorously rub against every thing and stuck his nose in the most unexpected places. With difficulty, after dealing with the daily tasks, I sat on the chair in front of the TV. Dzhimik immediately drew near. Then I noticed that he was very happy. To himself, understand the reason of his happiness: he wants to have sex. I flashed subversive idea - might try?!
After hesitating for some time, I decided to take a chance. In the end, because no one knows. Despite the fact that you immediately became wet as a rut, pull myself and decided to seriously prepare for what you intend to do. He undressed in the bathroom, I put on fur jacket Dog scratch me with their claws when you get a grip grease lubricating vagina fat cream odorless. As such, I came out of the bathroom to a languishing pet. It is as if something knew and immediately put her nose to the crotch. Language is meant to touch the clitoris, it ripped from my chest, a sigh of bliss. My legs stop and I realize the edge of the Chair, knelt down. The dog was in the back, the instinct was to say no. Hot breath in my ear he clumsily poked his penis on my back. Gather the courage, I bent down and took the dear, the knee-elbow position.
Comfortable feeling position, Dzhimik threw her arms around the front paws began to frantically poking me in the thigh. Feeling happy to view them in relation to the jacket and reached between his legs, grabbed his cock and carefully drew the tip into the uterus. The dog is not trained noble self, and immediately pushed the cock again and began to make very fast needs. I literally gasped from high on emotions and emotions! Big cock was pounding my vagina with the speed of anger, and my head rang with one thought only: aaaaaight!!! Within minutes of this wild sex, I caught first orgasm. The vaginal muscles convulsed dropped from my throat burst out a long moan. But the dog wasn't going to slow down or stop, giving me the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure. He continued to poke me with your phone number and you will pay more in-depth in a relaxed vagina. After another minute, feeling the approach of the third orgasm I felt inside of me, hit jet of sperm fill the already stretched team. My breath was barely panting, I fell into the second more powerful orgasm. My strength left me, I lost consciousness I slid to the ground. Blissful languor has spread throughout the body. I blacked out.
I woke up from a warm, pleasant feeling. Dzhimik busy licking the vagina of mutual juices. I rolled on my back and stretched out his hand aching crotch. A large sponge was very inflamed and angry. But the blissful state of Nirvana within is worth any cost. I was very happy.
Since that day, our mating became more or less normal. The initiator, as a rule, Dzhimik. It was part of coming of age and his need for regular sex becoming more. In principle I don't mind, I also love. Many orgasms as it happened to me over the past few months I had in my whole life. I had a good time. Only disturbed a few of the continued impudence of a dog, when he decided to have sex. Take advantage of their superiority in weight and strength, that sometimes just stopped me on the couch and not allowed to escape until I pick up the robe and will not satisfy him, sliding to the side strip panties. At first I liked this game, but at some point I realized that if I'm against everyone, Dimico will care. He was used to regular sex and all the confidence required from them, focusing only on their needs.
One night I was returning home after a long day of work, he was greeted by a very playful and joyful pet. Even in the street, playing with other dogs, my penis was periodically exposed from the pouch between your legs. He was very excited. We had to go back to the house, began insistently to come out of his nose from under her skirt, all his behavior, which makes it clear that the time has come for mating. I didn't have any particular desire and I tried to calm down the dog, converting his attention to the food. Gave him a large part pedigreee I went to the bathroom, hoping that in an hour he will go to sleep in peace.
Ah if I knew how cruel I was wrong. After almost half an hour and wash it happy I opened the bathroom door and was almost knocked down by Genicom. He was willing to promote and nervously fingered front paws trying to climb on me. Launched of a surprise, I slapped him firmly on the rump, trying to make clear who is boss, but it was too late to buy the Big Dog that he is wrong. Baring fangs and menacing Sarychev, got up on his hind legs, front, hit me on the shoulders. These books will be dumped down a grown man, let alone a fragile girl. Generally I'm sprawled on the floor, slippers and crash the floors of her robe rode a little bit. Snarling face that loomed in my face. I was terrified and Seguries covering her face with her hands. Taking my actions the dog stuck his nose in my crotch and ran a wet tongue between legs. Subsided I tried to take advantage of this situation and saviv with fear, he tried to crawl to the side. But there it was, Dzhimik again bristled and growled gutturally, with my right thigh in the mouth. I understand that if I move, he'll just eat half a leg. I froze and the dog again began to lick me. I decided not to tempt fate. Fill alisasis blown, the dog is much more technical in his nose me in the groin, letting him know that I turned on the cancer. No longer resist the prayers that all ended quickly, I took the knee-elbow position. Dzhimik already slowly, wisely sure it's the front paws and stared nervously quivering cock in my cunt. Carefully directed him, and he was driving his car in the registry. She screamed in surprise and began to fuck me. This time his movements were slow and sweeping, as if to stretch the pleasure. Sometimes even jumping from the vagina, he rammed my body more confident.
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