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Default Dog show zoofilai

I decided not to call parents to make a surprise. Drove up to the house and released Cyril. Restrain the excitement, stood on the porch and rang the bell. then he called again... Strange, Sunday morning no one's home... I Hope they haven't changed the locks. I opened the door with his old key, we entered. Yes, indeed there is none. Well... Try to call Auntie, she is always aware of all family matters. Auntie was delighted my arrival, began to shout into the phone that already bakes pies, and I certainly came to the lunch, and the parents and brother left for a week on the ticket, suddenly it happened, such a pity...
Well, everything is clear. However, I know where they are resting and it can get there - only three hours by car. Of course, once there I will not fly, after twenty hours behind the wheel for another three hours - do not pull. In addition, I really wanted to bath, eat and sleep... Than I took him almost to his uncle's dinner.
Returning from lunch, I decided with no parents and an empty house gave me a party! Gather friends, girlfriends, were hanging out like the good old student days... no sooner Said than done, and I began to torment the phone. Wow! Of all notebooks in the city now was only Irina, my uni friend... I hear my voice and the word "party", she yelled, "wow!", "finally you showed up" that "race," and that "without me nothing can't tell anyone"...
I'm still a little hung there on the phone, but all the rest of the company to collect failed. Some moved, others on business, others work in the weekend... Yes, apparently, this party will be crowded - just me and Ira. And then I came up with the idea... Irina at the time of our friendship, loved to shock me with stories about his sexual adventures, she loved to be outrageous, like my confusion from her candid stories. And I at that time was quite "green" when it comes to sex, even the word "sex" to say shy is not something that is publicly, and alone. Come on, come on... now we'll have a little lesson for Irisi.
Here only there is not much time.... Well, never mind, all the time. I ran into my parents ' bedroom and stood in front of a huge mirror. Winked at his reflection - well, baby, surprise Ira?
I quickly threw off all my clothes, took my brief bright scarlet satin shirt and dressed her. Shiny fabric barely covered her ass, and a thin lace on the breast almost hid nothing... I thoughtfully ran his finger along the edge of lace... and nipples-hardened... Unpacked new black stockings and wore them... the fabric of the shirt did not reach the edge of the stocking, was visible even flat tan. So, and black shoes, these are at such a high heel that many are surprised that they can walk. A little podnosim makeup... Casually smiled to Cyril, who was sitting right there in the mirror - how do you like me? - I asked. He confirmed that very. That's just what all this fuss is about? It Cyrillic, soon all will understand. I replied.
One more thing. Already got from another bag, carefully Packed candles in candlesticks, a few photo albums, a lighter. Brought it all into the living room. Candles out of the package and put a big circle on the fluffy carpet, inside this circle, threw the lighter and albums. There also brought a bottle of wine, two glasses, fruit in a vase. So, what else? Lit candles, drew the heavy curtains and extinguished the lights... On the street it was already dark, so it was very beautiful.
Call. And here is our guest. Kirill protrusile to the door and sat down, waiting until I open the door. I wonder how Irina has changed over the years? I myself have changed greatly, and not only outwardly. I opened the door.
- Olesna!!! - it stunned me. Rushed to embrace, grabbed, whirled... Well you never know Hey! Well, frock you! Super! Wow! You've lost weight! Oh, and I cut my hair! Oh, and dyed! Oh, and this is your Dober! Oh, how cool! Oh, wow! Wow! - Yes, it was a mess in his repertoire... the same enthusiasm, funny and somehow not annoying arrogance, the gleam in his eyes.
I told her that no one else will come. If Irina and angry, then two seconds, no more. However, it is usually nothing and not upset more than a few seconds. - Nothing, she said. I bought some wine, I think you will need. I confirmed that of course, necessary. We went into the living room. Cyril sat, somewhat stunned by such emotions. It Kirilych, come on into the living room. Here, on the couch. And we Irish get on the floor, good carpet as soft as a feather bed.
... Of course, I'm not immediately shocked her. First we chatted about this and that, remembered student's years, old friends... then my head buzzed - drunk wine made itself felt. Irina explained to me details of his next novel. Suddenly she interrupted herself, what am I all about yourself? How are you? All the same girl-bell? Irina laughed.
- Well, as you say... by the Way, I brought pictures! View?
- Ask! Of course!
I got the albums and we started to look at the pictures. Further, the more blatant they became. - It's my husband. It is also. Cool outfit, right? And here I am with a friend. How are you? However, it was possible not to ask, just look at the Ira. She flushed, mouth parted. I see Olesna, Metropolitan life has taught you! It's just a dirty magazine. Before, I didn't know that you like girls.
I really like you, Ira, relax... especially if they like you...
I looked into her eyes and not taking his eyes, slowly ran his hand along her neck, ran his fingers through his hair at the nape, pulled Irina down and kissed her... surprise she actually gasped, tried to say something, but I was persistent, and then she responded to my kiss at first timidly and then more confidently. Meanwhile I unbuttoned her blouse and stroked her neck, ran her fingers over the collarbone and gently, barely touching, caressed the skin of the chest, gradually lowering the hand below. But the rush did not, slightly pulled away from Irina and hands held her shoulders, removing the shirt. - Ol, what do you ... . what are you doing?
I liked her embarrassment. - You don't like what I do?
- Like, - she said quietly.
- Well, then relax and enjoy, baby - I smiled, unfastening her bra.
Cyril growled approvingly, settling down on the couch. After glancing at him, I realized that he liked the view, and winked.
I have been hand raised and Irina. Together we took off her remaining clothes. - And you have a beautiful body, Irishik! delightedly I have pocacola. You still love to walk in the beauty, eh? - I ran a finger from her neck along a busy nipple down the belly to the pubes, overgrown is a bit stiff hair, and had his fingers in that hair - I like when girls don't shave their pussy, not in the smooth skin of individuality inherent in each of us. Second hand I grabbed her under her ass, pulled her to him and began language to caress her neck. And she clearly liked it. My hand on my pubis slid a little lower, I began to finger caress the clitoris Irina, he trembled under my hand.
The middle finger I penetrated her vagina suddenly for her. Irina moaned slightly and squeezed my finger with force of muscles. - How strong you are! - I marveled. - Yes, I taught Vova, - she sighed. Now it would be here.
Well, I have a better idea - I smiled and asked her to get on all fours. I continued to caress her, nodded to Cyril. He jumped from his couch and instantly appeared next to us. Pulled the nose to the expanded state rosebud my girlfriend and suddenly jumped at her, put his paws back, and began rapidly to move.
- What is it?! Mommy! Dog! No! - Irina was horrified, and tried to escape, but then Cyril got a dick in it. And then - I do know from my own experience what happened - a member of the Cyril began to grow inside her, the knot at first only slightly touches the walls of the vagina, and then is pressed close to him, as if trying to completely merge into one... Here is a tip already almost bumps into the uterus, but not too much, so only fondles her... This ripple, which increases, and everything inside shakes, and now, now, now atopic orgasm, such that it is going out somewhere, but do not have time to return, and rises another, and then another, and so sweet that you don't realize man, and like some cosmic tale that lasts and lasts, and it has no end, and it's so good... And then, when the dog pulls out the cock and a powerful jet of semen mixed with your liquid runs down the legs and all that hot water so much that she continued and continues to flow, and it is delicious...

Cyril made a circle around the room again and climbed up on the sofa. Irina collapsed on the carpet, trying to catch my breath... I ran my fingers over her cheek. It was... just... super... I was flying Again, I flew... I Never thought that I... and the dog... and it will......
She hardly spoke, but his eyes were shining and face was a faint smile - a little happy, a little bit Horny.
I, too, smiled. It was possible to believe that the party is a success. Of course, we have it - and with Cyril! - there will be more adventures. That's for sure.
To be continued...
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Old 10-06-2016, 03:20 PM
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Default Monica and her dog

Monica and her dog

30-year old Monica looked wistfully in the window of his room. She operals hands on the window sill.She was wearing a light summer robe that barely came down to her knees.She had black straight hair that lay on his shoulders. Beautiful,heavy Breasts 4-th size only complemented the beauty of her body. on the face Monica was ugly, but her amazing body is repeatedly aroused men. Despite that Monica never knew of any man or woman.
So, looking out the window and enjoying the beautiful summer day, she suddenly felt a strong push from behind, as if someone jumped on it. Strong hairy legs lay on her shoulders, and an object, vmyav robe inside, and touched her vagina. Surprise Monica cried out, but she turned and found out his Rex. Rex was a black furry semeraro. When Monica turned around, Rex stood up on his 4 paws. Between his hind legs stuck out a long red cock that was covered with small bristle and strongly swollen veins.
- Oh My God! whispered Monica. - I want you.
She lay back under the T. Rex, and took the animal cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Left hand Monica hugged the waist of the animal, and the right masturbated himself. her tongue and cheeks clearly felt bristly member senbernar. But Monica loved these spines, they brought her to ecstasy. suddenly Rex barked 2 times. Monica did not see ( she was busy licking and obsasyvanie member of T. Rex ), but in walked a huge dog; his name was Lord. He was black and was much more senbernar. Came to Monica, the Lord began to lick her in the place where her right hand. His long tongue quickly passed through the lips of the vagina Monica tickled her Clit. From the touch of his rough tongue ran down Monica. For a second she pulled out a member of Rex's mouth and breathed hard. In front of her face hung a long red dick of the excited animal, which quickly reminded myself. Back paw he slapped Monica across the chest, throwing off his robe. Right breast mistress bare. The woman continued the lesson. She totally swallowed it! red member, which in the end is frantically podderzhivala. Then Monica stopped sucking. She quickly rose from the floor, got on all fours and commanded:
Rex, to me. Well, now.
Shaggy dog at once jumped on his mistress. He drove his bristly end in the bosom of Monica. Buxom lover of animals made sounds that filled the room orgasm. She was approached by the Lord. Now it is the turn to suck the cock of dog. His end was huge as he dog. Heavy red stick, at once disappeared in the marvelous mouth Monica. finally, senbernar started. The hostess mgnovenno felt as strongly and powerfully pulsating cock of Rex's vagina. Making a last push Rex poured his hot, white sperm into the female womb. for a moment he froze; he quietly lay on her back Monica and once his big cock began to decrease in the vagina. It re-opened 30-year zoofilki. She became stronger and more deeply swallowing dick of the Lord. one final word, she slipped off senbernar and lay on your right side. Tapping a hand on the floor, she said
Rex, here. lie on your back, that's it. Good dog. And you, Lord, come To me, I said. Fuck me. Here. Oh!!! What you got a big!!!
The Lord introduced to Monica his huge red cock. Monica shuddered, and another wave of indescribable pleasure swept through her body. Making a sharp and deep movement, the Lord caused pain to the woman, but he couldn't feel it. His healthy cock tearing vagina Monica. She was screaming, but dogs do not know how to stop. Then jumped up Rex. He stood so that his bristly cock was right in front of the face of the hostess. Lord leaned on it with its front legs and continued to fuck Busty zoofilki. Rex, finding himself in such an advantageous position put his cock in her mouth Monica. No, no, Monica was not sucking his cock. On the contrary, her mouth was motionless; Rex himself, bending down, pressed his whole body to face Monica, and fucked her in the mouth. Monica nearly choked. She grabbed the body of the animal hands. 2 huge dog fucked her without stopping. Monica couldn't, she wanted to quickly stop it. Her vagina tore the phallus of the Lord, ruthlessly wielding it, and his mouth is tired from sucking, setini! Rick furry animal. Ass T. Rex severely squeezing the Breasts 4-th size, the tail long and fluffy, gently tickled giot, causing the flapper to an even greater arousal. If you go down below, that huge phallus of the dog was convulsing. He was so much throbbing that was causing much pain to the woman. Finally, it happened! White hot liquid poured into the vagina of Monica. I felt like something good poured over her body, bringing her to madness. Dog cum in Monica. Thus, her mouth also filled with a copious discharge of moisture. Monica greedily swallowed the sperm senbernar that flowed from the mouth, and pokryvala cheeks, neck , gently pushed on his chest.
The dog calmed down. As they came, so they left, leaving Monica lying on the floor, covered with sticky cum from head to toe. After lying on the floor for about 5 minutes, she came to life. Her whole body ached, especially at the bottom. Her Lord did a great job on his big prick inside her. Monica barely crawled to the bathroom where I took a shower. Then when he reached the bed, Monique lay down and fell fast asleep. She woke up from what Someone's nimble tongue pleasantly tickled her pussy, and the second tongue licked her face and chest. Monica saw the Lord and T. Rex.
Oh, my God! Is it all from the beginning! I will never know you made your mom hurt... Went away!! Fu, fu!!!....
Monica underachieving finish. Bristly cock got into her mouth. It was Rex, who sat on her face, put his penis in the mouth of his mistress.
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