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Default Sex story: summer in the village

All this is what I want to tell, not knowing why and for whom, happened to me about twelve years ago. I then went to stay with his old grandmother and I had just turned eighteen. To the exams to College and wanted to spend five days in nature among trees and birds, among the wildflowers and the village quiet. Last time I came to this God and civilization to the forgotten village while still a schoolgirl, very young girl and spent there almost every summer. And the last two years was never.The grandmother had then cheerfully and were able, without assistance, and haul water from the well and to hill potatoes, which in those places planted entire plantations, and even now are thrown either as nothing less. It was July. The weather was just perfect. Those who have been in this time of year even in remote places, no need to explain what kind of Paradise. Hot days. Long, bright, warm nights. In ten steps from you in the bushes screamed nightingales, all lives and smells. One word - summer in the village.And now, somehow, on the third day of my stay serene sitting with a friend irkey for the whole evening, we are in the middle of night, suddenly decided to bring one of her many girlfriends. The sun set, but it was still light. After going through two streets and then turning into a narrow alleyway we came for the gardens.

The village is divided in two small stream stretched for almost a kilometer. Remember we were not fast, clicked seeds, Irka something I was told, and I listened to it in half an ear. We had a good time and fun as it is only in a thoughtless youth. The path wound around a garbage dump, any pits, the old shed and in steps of ten disappeared in the gloomy darkness. So, chatting, we were probably more than half way, when suddenly, at some point, I heard behind steps. And I am not alone.We both looked back and saw behind us two men, or rather one, the second was a boy, about our age-the one and the other certainly is the man. However, when you're eighteen all who are over thirty seem to be deeply adult or an elderly. Young Ira value La and the second face, covered with stubble she was clearly not familiar, I immediately had adopted on her face. This young, his name was Nicholas, said Hello and asked ku-Yes, we suffered in such a time, and then introduced his older friend.This, he claimed, was his cousin, recently released and prie-havshy for a couple of weeks out of town. Looking ahead to say that everything is a lie. This second one was on the run and even was wanted. Immediately after the escape, as I uz-Nala later, he has managed to Rob someone. Stripped and threatened with a knife robbed the people of all that was, and Kolka, don't know how they are snorting, sell or change the loot for food and vodka, which they drank together. So while they were very drunk. Kolka said something hard, and the second, I immediately noticed how unhealthy eyes shone.We were about to go further as, suddenly, the elder stopped us shout:

– Stand sex!

I tried no it does not respond, although I understood at once, got involved, and Ira had sent him on three cheerful letters. Then he caught up with us and pulled out a huge cleaver. The handle was crudely wrapped duct tape, and the blade is long, like a sword. In reaching Irc, he put the knife to her throat. The first thought I had to run but I was horrified to feel that my feet are stiff and rooted to the ground. And he continued:

– Now, bitch, come with me, and will pussy%t – chews on the straps.

Nicholas tried to stop him, saying their village. To which he replied:

– I all x.. And then looking on Irc in the eye said,

– Will nischuk if you act normal, leave on good terms – alive and healthy.

He grabbed me and Irena by the hand and quickly dragged him to Chernysheva forest. Col ka, spoticus and mother trudged behind. It was dark now. We passed through a small birch, then, almost silently, he dragged us through some swamp and then twenty minutes later, already in the deep and dark forest we were crammed with tattered dirty feet in a hole. I almost never fight-Las-felt the iron grip, and Ira tried to escape, but got to the place softly swore and sobbed. Lit a candle and I saw that it was a dugout, made, apparently, recently.Benches-Ki, a table – everything was cut down from a fresh tree. Because it smelled of tar, fire and some sour. We sat together Irka in the corner like hounded-wide animals.

Not syte girls will walk.

This senior poured in two, with a broken iron enamel mug, something from a bottle. They drank, and then gave to us. We refused, but again he pulled his sword and stuck it into the table.

– You have no one asks. Shorter girls-it is the night.

And added, they say not to drink, poured by force. And cursed. In addition to the dry wine on a few birthdays then I do no more then from strong alcohol is not tried, because a quarter of stinking mugs of brew that I swallowed in one gulp, almost killed me. They again poured himself. Ate bread, cut the yellow fat, which of the banks were getting the same knife. Then Gene, so called this guy nick, approached Irke grabbed her hair so that she cried out and without releasing the dragged to the exit. And young said that would be looking for me and if something like knock her turnips. That's what he said.

When they left I immediately tried to beg Nick to let go, but he did not agree in any, referring to the fact older.

He said that if I omit it, the Gene on, his teeth will povesiat.

He, Gena, is a fool, and if you drink, then voosche Siegal roof.

And he sat down beside me. I moved away, but he pushed me against the damp wall ZEM-lance, so where fell on top of the ground.

– Do not be afraid. I better than this fool. You'll see he Irku all down.

And his hand fell on my knee. I tried to remove it, to have that drunken fool turned out to be iron fingers and then he squeezed his leg, I yelled.

– You better don't shout, you better yourself. Anyway I'm off.. fuck.

From drunk I was dizzy. I feel that drunk. Me-chinelo vomiting. Kolka, too drunk and arrogant because already being squeezed my breast. I was wearing a dress with buttons at the gate. The bra I was wearing. The freak stuck his hand underneath, making the dress rode up and Stresa-lo. He painfully pinched and pulled his nipples. And still tried to kiss me. I feebly resisted. I felt bad, I was drunk, I felt sick. Don't know how long it lasted, but the entrance was a mess, and behind her this Gene.The faint light of the candle I still saw what was at the girlfriend's red tear-stained face. She seem to got more of my.

– Well, asshole, it made this chick? Or not given?

And he fairly laughed. I realized that, it seems, comes my turn, fear and foreboding irreversible made me more beauty in a dark corner. Kolka I could handle. He's nearly my age and something serious he would not come out. One word – calf. But that man: From him emanated a brazen, unpunished by force. I felt it even then, immediately at the meeting. And then Kolya warned. Meanwhile, Gene ordered on Irc, and he's already ordered on the rights of the owner, pour it from the bottle. It is ordered and my friend did it silently.Knowing its difficult naroow I had no idea what to do to achieve such obedience. I just didn't believe GLA-Zam, knowing her character. And then, after drinking, in the same commanding tone told her to tear the dress. And dobavil:

– Let ka to my Dawg ass and juicy snickered.

And friend, after a moment, turning her back to us, lifted the dress and exposed white non tanned ass. Panties on it was not.

– Do you understand what kind of training? Learn while alive. They must be tough. Just that in the snout. For the wrong market again in the snout.

I was terrified. I figured it was just EVERYTHING. Meanwhile, the Gene itself is poured into mugs and gave us Irka. We have been taught silently drank.

– You nick the main thing is not Sy – girls that does not say, and start talking – you'll regret it. So I had this explained everything.

And he nodded his head to the side standing in front of him Irka.

– All find all devour. Not now, duck then. In short, I'll Bang with this one, and he pointed a finger in my direction-and you take that.

And already turning to me – come here, meet will.

I sat to the last, hoping for a miracle.

– Are you deaf? This is the approach?

I fast from myself that not expecting, pushing Kolka, stood next to a friend.

– You go to my spine and not fucked.. ysya. Nick, I tried that very best Chu-vikha true sipovka.

Then he said that I took off pants and showed, as he put it, kun-ku. I what moment stood rooted to the spot until he got punched in the stomach. Then quickly lifted her dress and pulled the panties to the knees. I was so scared that I wasn't even particularly embarrassed.

– Lift – pick on the above.

Not realizing really what you are doing, lifted her dress up to the navel.

Oh, nick, look hairy. And he reached for my hand. Here I OPE-Niles, recoiled and released the hem. Drunk the mug of this thug iscrivi-Las, he stood up, trying to reach me.

– Yes you that, bitch! Some sudden unseen blow, quite strange to him drunk, Gena knocked me to the floor. I couldn't breathe, my eyes swam red and green lights. I heard Ira ask for me that he didn't touch me, I'm still small and that is still a virgin.

– I fucking saw how little it is. She has hair on Magnus... e more than on my head. He and nick laughed. While I rested in bed in a wet excavation-Lu, trying to catch my breath, they still drank. Then I heard cracked re-Zina my friend, and after under the approving comments Genki first someone snore, and then increasingly heard postanyvaniya Ira.

– Well enough to lie, all of it.. x I. Flowers. Come here. Well!

Getting up I saw a naked Colicin ass and legs of his girlfriend on his shoulders. He was so roskakorissa that Ira just gasped.

– Well, your girlfriend and the poem.. I.

With these words he put his hand up my dress and painfully grabbed there hair.Then forced again to raise the dress and spread her legs. And then his dirty finger quickly began to play in my I now, remembering, experiencing something like an orgasm. Never before or ever after, or anything similar strength I have not experienced. Some electricity ran through my body, I was trembling all over, the abdomen was warm and damp. I pooped!!! And it is here that, with these jerk-mi in such a terrible situation, after the beating. But I did what I could not do with my body, I don't obey.This Gene had done such manipulation tion finger that I was weak in the knees.

– Yes you look the same EBA.. smiling mistress. With these words he began to unbutton buttons on the fly, and I was still slowly coming to himself in this do rackam position, with battened dress down to his knees and cowards but-Gami shoulder width apart. Fuss and moaning in a dark corner Kolicina not prakrama-Lis, and I began to realize that, and I'm going to lie down under this terrible, dirty man. Why, suddenly, I called him uncle gene, I don't know. Just remember through the flood of tears I begged him not to touch me, speak La him I'm still a girl that I can't.Something dragged her boyfriend, who was indeed waiting for me in the city. In short a nightmare.

– Put your dress, bitch, and stop to howl, come here. I won't hurt you if you suck, as it should.

With these words he dropped me to my knees, widely spread their legs. In fact, lighting a cigarette, forced to get his farm from unbuttoned Shih-markets agricultural art.

– Come on, let's get a bitch and get to work!

With these words she grabbed my hair and painfully poked his nose into the dirty smelly pants. I ran my hand in there, but I have neither of which were locales. Then this freak undid the belt and lowered his pants. His dick is limp, has just arrived in the bosom of my friend now lay before me.

Are you alive.. never seen? Let's quickly cheek! Well!

But the most embarrassing that I am in this story recall was found. Kolka already finished Irka and coming for a moment out of the dugout, now lighting a cigarette, settled on the contrary, silently watching my actions, then proposed to Gena who according to him doesn't get to suck him off, Kolka. Gena roughly pushed me away and pulled up his pants, and I'm on my knees, turned and crawled to the worm. He pulled out his red, still warm impressive size cock can not be said about the very Kolka began to drive them on my lips. Then, laughing, it hurts to hit them in the mouth and nose.And all this under the General gazes with Hancinema comments and sympathetic silence girlfriend. Kolka for a long time couldn't cum and when I cum, forced to swallow everything and lick. But I think I was lucky: I kept my virginity and life can be.

In the morning we all four came to the village. Already saying goodbye sober Gena repeated the threat. My friend slept in the hayloft, so we were not lost, and to say we did not think. This is embarrassing.
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