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Default Sex story: Favorite dog

Chapter 6

Walk to the shops, to Irina the Valley, mother, Julia, ended a little sooner than she expected. When viewing animals on display in the Passage, it is, La my high school friend, Svetlana Sharapova.

They had not seen for almost two years and of course they have accumulated a lot of rumors and gossip which we had to discuss. They went to a small coffee shop, sitting at a table and ordered coffee, they began to chatter like two magpies.

A little calmer old friend asked for a menu, Irina ordered a chicken soup, and Light roast.

"It's been so long, darling!" - Irina picked, by hand, his dark Casta-new bangs, always drooping into her eyes.

"I know," said the Light – "recently, my husband and a few changed circle of friends."

"Our old friends have asked me about you, but I didn't know what to tell them."

Light smiled. She was kind, relaxed and confident women. Irina noted with surprise that all the timidity of her behavior disappeared. Her old friend had changed dramatically. She surreptitiously looked at her from head to toe, noting the other changes in her appearance.

The light changed her hairstyle, she always wore a ponytail, but now her long fluffy dark hair, uncool cascade flowed to the TA-LII. Her Breasts, which she always hid by wearing baggy clothes, now until-zvalo plunging neckline. Tiny waist, and full hips, encased in a short skirt. So short that when the Lights were down you could see her white panties.

Looking at his girlfriend, to smoke a thin cigarette, she was embarrassed. It wasn't a notorious simpleton, that she knew from school. It was hladnokrovno-tion of woman vamp.

Finally Irina broke silence:

"God, you look just fine, what's your secret?" – she slyly looked at her – "in case You are a lover not started:"

"Can you keep a secret?"

So! This has been interesting. In her mind arose the picture of how Light is Xia sex with who came to her TV technician or mechanic.

"What happened?"

"No, I have not changed a dime." – Light looked at her sparkling green eyes – "But I think you can understand me."

"Well, of course..." she looked into the eyes of his high school girlfriend – Tell me what happened, Light."

Light smiled mysteriously somehow their thoughts.

"You know... darling, You and Sergey, I think you make a good couple, and you are all fine with sexual life. So you hardly ever wanted sex with someone other than your husband."

"And you?" Irina are unable to keep the tremble in his voice. Her mind had opened a hate-worthy paintings in which her friend, fucking in all positions with the other husband officials.

"You'd be surprised. But I can tell you all the details."

"Of course..." – Irina blushed and moved his gaze on his hands. Then she agreed that it was, and looked at the Light. – "Tell me all the details, the Light."

Chapter 7

"I've always been a good wife for her son. I was obedient, a good cook and Birla doing in bed, all he demanded. But then I began to feel that my husband is someone else. And it was true."

"How did you find out?"

Light shrugged:

"It was no secret... Dima just told me about it himself."

Irina's eyes widened:

"He told you?"

"Yes, my dear. He said very bluntly... that I wasn't satisfy him in bed, and that he would like in our relationship, something new."

"How... how do you say to that?" Irina was breathing hard, hypnotized turn-one that took their conversation.

"I was hurt by this surprising discovery, but at the same time I don't completely understand what he wants. I asked him to explain... then he showed me some racy photos in which people were sealed in the most bizarre sexual situations one can imagine."

"Dima, did it?" Irina gasped, remembering the small, Svetikova, husband, and his funny gait to imagine him as a sexual giant?!

"Yes... and then he proposed that I agreed to membership in the same club agree ment, which comprise many of his friends."

Irina arousal was growing, her breast rose and fell in rhythm dy Haniyeh.

"You refused, of course?"

"Of course, my dear. But this was only the beginning. After receiving my refusal, Dima, for a few minutes retired to our bedroom, and went out there, showed me some photos taken at the club."

Light released the last puff of smoke, and stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray. She looked across the table at Irina, who despite the air conditioning in the room, beginning to sweat.

"But this is not all over. As you know, we have Dima still no children. So when he offered to adopt a child, I supported him, I thought that the baby in the house, even more tied to the Dima family."

Light smiled, as if remembering something pleasant, and continued:

"The child that he brought into the house was a beautiful, Caucasian boy, age four-twelve. Mmmm, he had beautiful dark eyes with long eyelashes. His body was so gorgeous, Irina, you can't even imagine. ICC-Colisee, perfectly folded, and he did not try to hide it from me."

Unintentional tremor slightly shook the sensitive flesh of Irene. Is it an old friend says that she... Oh my God... with the little boy... ohh...

"Well, I think you can imagine the rest. I was hopelessly in love with him. He was only a boy, and I'm already a Mature woman, but this attracted me even more.

One day coming home from school, he went to the kitchen, where I was alone and coming up behind me close, shoved his hands my armpits and cupped my Breasts. He squeezed my Breasts and kissed my neck a good ten minutes before I was able to push him away."

"What... what did he say when you resisted?" asked Irina for-dihati.

Light shrugged:

"Oh, he didn't say. But that night, I heard him scream. Dima slept a dead sleep, and I thought that the boy had a nightmare and went to calm him down. Entering his room, I sat on the edge of his bed, and then his hands grabbed me around the neck and pulled her to him. Oh dear, what was that kiss! Sheets slept, and underneath it was absolutely a goal, and his cock was huge. He had the most beautiful equipment I ever saw!"

Irina could feel the servility of her vagina, as if the obscene man had a finger on her. She strongly clenched her thighs and tried to say something, but her lips fell just a low moan.

And Light all said

"I probably lost my head. I leaned down and began sucking his young cock. Oh darling, what a taste! He sucked on my Breasts (she lowered his voice to a whisper), I fucked him sitting on it on top. Then he licked me between the legs. Honestly, just licking and biting my crotch, sticking your finger up my ass. Later, he fucked me and there... we tried with him many different things.

Irina nodded, her heart frantically pounded in my chest and nipples, it seemed that that's about tearing the fabric of the bra. Light put his hand on top of her and smiled.

"And this is only the beginning. After we fucked, sucked and licked each other, more than three hours, entered the room Dima. All this time he was in Cory-Dora, and took pictures of us through the open door. Now he could force me to go to a club, threatening these photos. But it didn't matter, my little boy opened my eyes. So we arranged a menage trois ..."


"...Menage trois is a French phrase for a Threesome." Light raised her purse and began to rummage in it – "I Have a few photos, which you will be able to understand what it is."

Irina looked around nervously, not hear somebody accidentally their conversation. All these words – fuck, suck, take it in the ass – Light never expressed. And all this so excited.

"Here they are." – Light pulled from his bag a stack of photos. For the most part, snapshots of Polaroid. – "Unfortunately there are no pictures of my boys here. Well, what do you think about them?"

Irina took the pictures with a friend, and is slow to view. They were sealed with the most unimaginable poses and scenes! Light has two men in her vagina, or her mouth eagerly around a thick male penis.

And her husband, Dima, was also there, fucking in ass, cute brunette, at the same time, sucking Breasts redhead girls, thirteen.

And then she found a photo of his obscenity, which eclipsed all the rest. Irina's breath caught, and his hands trembled, aligning all pictures, except this one.

"Light... Light ..." the Voice of Irene fell – "What is..."

Light quickly gathered the scattered photos, and carelessly threw them into the bag:

"This, my dear? This is Chip, a dog Samsonovich. Remember them... they lived in the Urals-tion... Beautiful, isn't it?"

Irina was silent. Her eyes are firmly stuck to this incredible picture. In this Light, had in the ass, huge German shepherd. Her long pink tongue hanging out from the mouth, and swayed from side to side. Front paws rested on the smooth surface of a forge, light Svetina back. At the same time, the Light sucked a man's cock, a huge, bloodshot, and little twelve year old boy with blond hair-do, located beneath it, licking one of her Breasts, squeezing the other with his hand.

Time seemed to froze. Irina in a daze looked at the photo, trying to analyze her. Her friend Sveta, the dog moving behind her, driving his red cock inside of her vagina, the little boy sucking on her enormous Breasts...

Irina closed her eyes and felt a little weak. Her crotch was literally swarming with butterflies in my stomach, and warm the liquid slightly wet panties... and then... she felt a sharp tickling on her pussy, someone else's blatant finger, poked through the elastic band of her thin white panties.

"... Light! What are You doing?"

Light innocently from his side of the table. The accidental witness even could not imagine that her hand under the table, one finger, tickles in the heart of the vulnerable pubic region her friend..

"Just looking, excited whether it's for you, love..."

She pulled her hand from under the table, the tip of the index finger, slightly shone in the place which he has just teased the outer lips of Irene.

"I see that, Yes." – She cleverly bent his head and licked his finger, continuing to watch Irene.

"Why, I..." Irina tried to protest, but it was pretty weak. Finger Lights shoved in her crotch caused a whole range of feelings. Her breathing increased, do these indecent photos so aroused by her. God! Member non-mackoy shepherd stuffed between the legs of Lights, it's the sexiest thing she'd ever seen.

Of course, she had heard stories about people who fuck with animals, but it was possible they in the city? It seemed barely believable.

"You don't believe it, aren't you?" – Light broke the silent pause – "You don't even want to believe it... that woman could fuck a dog."

To fuck with the dog. This phrase shocked Irina. What it would be like... to have this bright pink-red cock moving like a piston inside the vagina...

"You can't imagine that a woman can enjoy it?" – pronounce Xia is Light bent lower and lower to the table so that her chest was giving to lavatsa from a deep cut sweater – "I can't imagine how it is wonderful to have a dog cock inside your vagina, instead of... a human... Because the dog is the fastest animal, believe me... and one day, by getting laid with a dog, you don't want anything else."

Uttering a choked, like a sob Creek, Irina suddenly popped up from the table and rushed out of the cafe. Without reducing speed, she ran to his auto-mobile parked in the Parking lot in the yard.

Chapter 8

Her thoughts randomly swarming in my head. Before her eyes was ever photo-graphy, with the Light in an improper relationship with a dog. It is very much wspolna-Valo it.

She sighed. It seemed incredible that the shy Light is transformed into TA-Kuyu hypersexual woman. Irina looked down at his own feelings-governmental body. Of course, she was always flattered by male attention, and a little Draz-Nile them, flirting with them. However, she never dreamed that could be given to someone other than your husband.

But on the other hand, why is she having a body "made for love", Smoma-etsya use it to find physical satisfaction burning feelings in her crotch?

Really, why?

Embarrassed by such thoughts, the housewife stopped near his car. The car was parked on a Parking garage two blocks from the store.

Irina got into her purse and rummaged inside, learned to light a pack of cigarettes. Deftly veselkovi a cigarette and lit it from a disposable lighter. Lungs discontinuities of the wind quickly fanned the neat rings of smoke. Her nerves are a little uspokoi-Lis, and the excitement subsided, and now it's ready to go home.

At this moment for Parking included an elderly woman, leading on a leash poro-discou German shepherd. Instinctively, Irina sat down abruptly, hiding from included in the body of the car.

The dog was not very big, it was nothing in comparison with her own dog, Jack. Automatically, Irina looked between his legs at his "equipment". Was it as good as Jack's.

The woman leading him opened the car door, in front of the dog:

"Come on, naughty dog." Irina was listening to what she says – "You must behave culturally. Mother won't allow you to climb to the little gir-Kam. I clearly say?!"

Instead of an answer... to the amazement and excitement Irina... the dog suddenly stuck his head under the woman dress and seemed, began to lick there! The woman swayed near the car, it seemed that her breath caught, and she nervously like a school girl giggled. The woman anxiously looked around, but did not see hiding behind a car IRI-nu.

"Not now dear! Stop! Ohhh! Favorite... we can see. Hurry into the car and drove home, Mom can't wait any longer! She wants to get your wet tongue on her hot juicy vagina!"

Irina again began to choke. Angry feelings attacked her with a new si-LOI. She must hurry to get home! A cold shower is what she need right now! This was the only way to quell the growing excitement.

Finally arriving home, Irina immediately went to the kitchen, she tossed on the table her purse and the package of food. Then went in the bath, on the move, spreading hair.

Once in the bathroom she quickly took off all her clothes and examined herself in the large wall mirror. Auburn hair, a heavy cascade down to milk-white shoulders, most with no signs of sagging, Breasts with dark nipples. Ka-coy would a person be able to refuse touching them? But all these years her co-Sal and caressed only her husband, Sergei.

Not noticing what she is doing, Irene, raised her hand and lightly squeezed the left nipple, which immediately hardened. She remembered the dog, kotarou recently seen in the Parking lot. The dog that was licking Tits and pussy of his mistress...

Irina shivered. How could she come to such thoughts. Is the Field roid will now haunt her forever.

An involuntary shiver of desire ran through her body. Abruptly, as if pulled by a magnet, she put his fingers between your legs, inside the swollen lips of her pussy, and in that also jumped out. She had to enter the shower!

She let a stream of water, making it then hot, then cold. It broke out and Alma-nivaya flesh, still part of this desire, but gradually went to zero. After a while, she finally got his emotions under control. It is you-the key, the water began to dry warm towel.

It was then that she heard these sounds. The soft cries, pleas, seemed to be a moan crazy.

Fear crept into her mind. What's going on in her house!?

Wrapped in a bath towel, Irina came out of the bathroom into the hallway. Droplets of water rolled down over the smooth skin of her feet on the floor.

"Ooooooh, please... Oh no... please don't ... OH GOD!"

It was Julia! It seems to her that something happened!. The vision of her beautiful blonde daughter in the hands of a crazy killer, forced her, in spite of fear, to throw herself into Yulia's room.

"Ooooooh darling... Yes ... Oh my love..., horoshoooo... Only sun in me ... ooohhh..."

It was heard from the bedroom Julia! ... But the words have changed, now it was obvious that Julia is not in danger... she is wrong, probably with some boy she had brought home while the parents are!

This is outrageous! After all, she's only twelve years old!

Blazing with anger, Julia's mother for a moment stood before the door through which she had heard the continuing sounds of bubbling young thirst.

"Darling... Oh Yes... I want it... Oh dear... I love you... fuck me... Darling..."

Fuck her? Irina thought that they're just cuddling, or engaged in, bettin-d, but it was already too much! Surely she couldn't save herself, at least until adulthood. Furious, Irina pushed open the door.

And froze with a stopped heart!

Right in the middle of the bed, on all fours, stood her daughter, Julia. Her long blond hair fall on the face, and the swinging Breasts from time to time, dumped the blanket. Behind her perched Jack, their shepherd, and clasped his heavy front paws on her back, doing a rhythmic hip movements. His red cock, with a soft, obscene sound, immersed inside Julia's vagina!

Irina grabbed the door, fearing that I would faint...

Bath towel, no hold, fell to the floor, revealing her white flesh. Goose bumps on the skin. Her disbelieving eyes appeared obscene picture of her own daughter and dogs. She couldn't look away. .- Good idea about this powerful German shepherd fucking her bare, defenseless daughter, who shuddered on the bed from every push between her legs, sent a shiver of erotic feelings along the spine of Irene. The evil charm of Julia, perverted-but raping a dog, caught her off guard.Arousal attacked her with a new strength, a tiny ripple, like electrical charges spread throughout her body, spreading from the crotch.

Is it really her daughter, bowed in such an obscene pose on a bed. And between her buttocks brilliant moves, dog cock plunging into her virgin-ing vagina? From time to time, this tool, jumped out of the hot, wet hole between Yliniemi feet. Then a girl with a greedy moan was moving the ass back onto his penis. The tip of the cock slid and danced in her hot, wet anal slit, while Jack twitched, trying again to bury his end in a young body.

Julia looked back, forgetting about everything except what must return that animal flesh back into her pussy. In this moment she was like a bitch while tech-ing. Putting his hand back, Julia grabbed the dog's cock, and sent him her vagina. Simultaneously with the penetration he heard her scream, half agony, half rapture.

Jack began to fuck her with increasing speed. Hot red heat it you causehe member, opposed to the feverish pink flesh of Julia's vagina, creating the contrast, from which she was unable to breathe. If it were fucking her, their shepherd. And the dog's cock slid in her vagina... or anus...

Irene moaned, her fingers moved down the belly to the soft triangle of hair.

A huge dog in the crazy rhythm of fucking her daughter, however, the eyes of a dog sometimes-gladiali on Irina. It seemed that his cock was too big, so it could be loaded in Yulia's virgin pussy, to the full depth. But that was not the case when ka-Edom push all fifteen inches of flesh were hiding in Julia's body. Its Sha-ry was hit, moist passion pubic hair and clitoris of girls, slapping them.

Julia rhythmically moving hips back, trying to bring himself the most pleasure. Looking at her face, Irene became obvious that her daughter was truly in love and enjoyed this obscene bestiality.

But how could she blame Julia what she wanted?

Breathing Irina was tense and a little choked.The burning feeling in her Zhi-vote and Breasts increased with every moment while she watched her blonde daughter, raping her animal lover. On her bare skin made beads of sweat, and his fingers began to wander, within the soft wet lips of her pussy. A trickle of sweat ran from her navel and disappeared into the curly, brown hairs on the forehead-ke.

The excited mother's forehead was covered with tiny sparkling beads of sweat. Another trickle ran between her lush succulent Breasts.

Her body refused to obey any other orders, except the desire to have satisfaction. She felt the moisture seeping between her legs, every heart beat, the thunder rang in her ears. She has never in my life been so excited.

On the bed, her daughter, continued non-stop intercourse with animals. Through gritted teeth, the girl asked the dog to fuck her harder and to cum in her deep in the vagina. Tiny rivulets of her pussy juices slowly running down her thighs, OS-tavlaya behind a shiny trail.

On the other side of the room, with obscene curiosity, was watching her mother. Her eyes were glued to this unnatural coupling of Julia and shepherd.

Closing his eyes, Irina, completely yielded to the surging feelings. Now if Jack had her, she could literally feel his hot cock inside, thick and slippery.

Waves of indecent pleasure rushed through her body.

Her own fingers invaded in the soft, wet flesh of her pussy. Fully-hativ her palm, she slowly began to make a circular motion. The fire raging in her vagina was out of control.

The sight of her gorgeous daughter and a huge shepherd on the bed, did the trick, now Irina just wanted to fuck!

Suddenly, on the bed, Julia screamed wildly, her head spun from side to side, Golden curls of her hair swinging madly. For a moment frightened-Sasa Irina realized what it was. Her daughter was beginning the throes of orgasm. Her buttocks frantically jerking back, nasedaya on the genitals of Jack. With its reslity-corresponding hair, she looked like a mad demon of sex, embodied in the-Le of twelve girls. Dog saliva dripped on her bare back, mingling there with then.

"Come on, darling! Tear me! Harder!" Julia whimpered, twitching on the bed, from the movements of the Jack. Armny eyes widened in amazement, he saw that the dog is also con-chaet. The first surge of his seed hit the thigh of a girl. But here it is again sahoro married inside her body, taking Woo her vagina for traces of semen. Irina watched from the doorway, and her fingers moved faster between her legs.

Finally the German shepherd took away from the girl's body. Julia oputils elbows, so that her shiny ass bobbed up. Irina looked at the wide open vagina of his daughter from which flowed dog sperm mixed with her love-governmental secretions. The girl was quiet, and the dog looked at Irina.
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